Explain Prototypal/differential Inheritance

prototypal/differential inheritance in javascript

Conceptually this is very simple: A new object can inherit properties of an old object.

(function() {
    var genericObject = {
        bar : "Hello World",
        get_bar : function() {
            return this.bar;
    var customObject = Object.create(genericObject);
    customObject.bar = "Aloha folks!";
    console.log(customObject.get_bar()); //outputs: "Aloha folks"
    delete customObject.bar;
    console.log(customObject.get_bar()); //fallbacks to the prototype's value, outputs: "Hello World"

While JavaScript has always been a prototype-oriented language, tools to work with prototypes were somewhat missing. Object.create used in the code snipped above has been added in ECMAScript 5 and has not been supported prior to Firefox 4, Chrome 5, IE 9

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