What Is Laravel Horizon And Its Usage?

Laravel Horizon and Its Features

Laravel Horizon is software to “supercharge your queues with a beautiful dashboard and code-driven configuration.”
Some times jobs will stuck or failed on servers.
Laravel Horizon is designed to make it easy monitor your queues from a web interface and receive notifications when things go wrong.


  1. Auto-balancing – shift your jobs to another queue if a queue is busy
  2. Code-Driven Configuration – provides version control with your application/project.
  3. Dashboards and Metrics – keep track in real time of your jobs and queue and manage them.
  4. Queue monitoring – simply tag your jobs and monitor them with a simple dashboard
  5. Failed Job Management – retry failed jobs if it done by SSH or by any other means
  6. Notifications– issue notification if arises in any queue or job
  7. Open-Source Software – 100% free software to use

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