What Is New In Laravel 5.6?


  1. Logging Improvements:- Laravel 5.6 comes with the logging improvements all configuration is stacked to a sing file config/logging.php which was not exists on previous versions .You may now easily build logging “stacks” that send log messages to multiple handlers. 

    Full documentation here
  2. Single Server Task Scheduling :- Not to worry about limiting of scheduled jobs Laravel 5.6 comes with new feature of task run on a single server at a single time not multiple executions.
    .Dynamic Rate Limiting :- You are now forced to provide the rate limit on groups for maximum requests.

    Route::middleware('auth:api', 'throttle:60,1')->group(function () {
    Route::get('/user', function () {
  3. Broadcast Channel Classes :- LAravel 5.6 comes with creating of multiple channels in order to solve the bulk problem on a single file routes/channels.php by using new channel classes command

php artisan make:channel UserChannel

file will created as 
use App\Broadcasting\OrderChannel;

Broadcast::channel('user.{id}', UserChannel::class);

  1. Making API Controller Generation :- Now it is eay to create api’s controller through command line 
    php artisan make:controller API/PhotoController --api
  2. *COLLISION :- * Now composer comes with a new package Collision which can help to beautify error reporting .
    1. Bootstrap 4 :- * All front-end scaffolding such as the authentication boilerplate and example Vue component have been upgraded to Bootstrap 4. 8. UUID Methods :- * Str::uuid and Str::orderedUuid introduced.The orderedUuid method generate a timestamp first UUID that is more easily and efficiently indexed by databases like MySQL.

use Illuminate\Support\Str;

return (string) Str::uuid();

return (string) Str::orderedUuid();

each will return a Ramsey\Uuid\Uuid object

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